Whiplash: An Alarming Message From Your Nerves - Pack of 12

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“Whiplash: An Alarming Message From Your Nerves” is designed to educate patients on the nerve sensitization that patients experience following a whiplash injury. It offers a greater understanding of what has happened, how to ease the pain and the importance of early, gentle movement after injury.
Section topics include:
  • Accepting the accident
  • How nerves work
  • How nerves become sensitive
  • Accident issues
  • Nerves and pain
  • Strategies to help ease the pain

Adriaan Louw covers the nervous system “wakening” in the acute and sub-acute phases of whiplash in an easy-to-understand format, using metaphors, examples and color images.

Written by Adriaan Louw.

Illustrated. Softcover, 28 pages. Non-returnable.

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