Swede-O PowerWrap Ankle Brace

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The Swede-O PowerWrap Ankle Brace helps prevent sprains and ankle injuries by stabilizing the ankle joint. This brace is recommended by athletic trainers and healthcare professionals. Ideal for athletes who tape their ankles to help protect or prevent ankle injuries, and individuals suffering from weak or injured ankles.

The patented positive tensioning system and no-tie laces make it faster and easier to apply compared to traditional, lace-up style braces or ankle taping. An open design accommodates variations in swelling and allows the foot to be comfortably placed into the brace without flexing the ankle, which could further irritate an injury. The PowerWrap tabs provide independent adjustments to the foot and ankle regions for customized support and can easily be fine-tuned when more or less support is needed. When properly fitted, the unique center wedge allows for natural ankle movement during activity.

The shell is made from durable canvas material to withstand vigorous sporting activities and features a seamless bottom for comfort. Soft material over the Achilles tendon helps reduce irritation and the potential for blistering. Stainless steel spiral stays are sewn into the brace to help prevent inversion and eversion injuries. This brace fits in most athletic shoes; bilateral design fits right or left ankle.

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