Kinesio Tex Classic Tape 2" x 13.1'

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Kinesio® Tex Classic, with the original ‘wave-pattern’ adhesive design and elasticity similar to skin, is a time-tested favorite for elastic therapeutic taping techniques.
Kinesio® Tex Classic tape (formerly Kinesio Tex Gold) is where it all started. The trusted, industry standard features the famous wave adhesive design that delivers effective, consistent results.

When used with proper Kinesio Taping® techniques, Kinesio Tex Classic can improve muscle function, reeducate the neuromuscular system, reduce muscle fatigue, lessen delayed-onset muscle soreness and relieve pain. By gently lifting the skin, it improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage for better healing. This increase to interstitial space and lymphatic drainage also reduces the pressure on the body’s nociceptors, or sensory receptors, alleviating pain.

Kinesio Tex Classic tape has the same elasticity as human skin and muscles. Constructed of high-grade cotton, it offers tremendous breathability, comfort and water-resistance, while the adhesive allows Kinesio tape to be worn for multiple days.

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