D-Roll Positioning Roll

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Use the D-Roll to comfortably support the neck, back, knees, or ankles. The slim, compact size and versatility of this roll is ideal for home, work, travel, or while recuperating from an injury. This ergonomic roll reduces pressure on various body parts to help relieve pain.

NECK: Use under neck to help maintain natural cervical curve when lying on your back.
BACK: Use behind the back when sitting or lying down to help reduce stress on the spine while supporting the natural curve of the lower back.
KNEES: Use to elevate knees and help reduce pressure on hips and low back when lying down.
ANKLES: Use under ankles to help reduce pressure and ease pain on back of heels.

The flat surface of the d-shape helps keep the roll in place. Designed with precision cut foam and covered with a durable cotton/polyester fabric.

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