Abdominal Binder Support

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The Abdominal Binder gently supports the belly to promote healing after abdominal injury or surgery; ideal for use after a cesarean section, bariatric surgery, exploratory laparotomy, hysterectomy, tummy tuck, or some spinal surgeries to help support the abdomen and maintain proper intra-abdominal pressure.

This low profile support helps supplement the abdominal muscles and ligaments weakened by: injury, surgery, postpartum, or loss of muscle tone. By gently compressing the abdomen, this support helps reduce strain on an incision. It also provides mild back support and can also be used to wrap the abdomen after delivery for tummy reshaping.

Made from elastic material that stretches and contracts, this support contours to the natural shape of the body for increased comfort. The plush hook and loop material provides light support for the back while the durable, multitiered elastic material hugs the belly to help prevent the support from slipping, bunching, or rolling during daily activities. Soft elastic CorEdge finish on top and bottom edges offers added comfort and flexibility.

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