Rehab Science Essentials Kit

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The tools in the Rehab Science Essentials Kit were carefully selected by Tom Walters, a physical therapist and the founder of Rehab Science. The products are designed for performing rehabilitative exercises including stretching, foam rolling and strength training, to help you alleviate pain and move better.

The Rehab Science Essentials Kit includes:

Black AXIS Foam Roller [AXR366]
Designed to perform in physical therapy, sports medicine, and high-use Pilates and yoga sessions, this high density foam roller can help relieve tight or injured muscles and can be used to perform self-myofascial release on trigger points and knots, to self-massage soft tissue and roll away soreness.

Stretch Out Strap with Booklet [440-2]
This durable, woven stretching strap is perfect for warm-up stretches before sports, or for the ideal stretching regimen for therapy, yoga and fitness to achieve greater flexibility and range of motion in core muscles, the back, legs, arms, shoulders, hamstrings and more.

Super Pinky Ball [BRXS2]
This moderately firm ball is ideal for self-massage of the feet, glutes, hips, back, shoulder, forearms and more. It can also help with the prevention or relief of plantar fasciitis by rolling it under the foot to stretch the plantar fascia.

Sanctband Loop Band – Lime Green [538L]
These resistance bands can be used while seated or standing, for a wide variety of lighter resistance exercise. The continuous loops are ideal for both upper and lower body exercise; use for general stretching, rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports training, yoga and Pilates.

Sanctband Tubing with Handles – Blueberry [535B]
This lightweight and portable exercise tubing is built to withstand repeated use in the gym, clinic or at home. The tubing is ideal for strengthening and toning the arms, legs and core and can be used for general fitness training, physical therapy and active aging exercise.

Rehab Science Drawstring Backpack
The Rehab Science Product Packages comes with a Rehab Science branded drawstring backpack to store and transport your essential tools.