Grip & Forearm Strengthener by Bob & Brad

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Developed by physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, this training device allows you to perform exercises to help improve range of motion and help strengthen fingers, wrists and forearms.

Ideal for athletes participating in sports including rock climbing, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and more, the Grip and Forearm Strengthener features four loops that allow you to adjust the level of resistance. Improve range of motion and increase strength in the fingers, wrists and forearms by performing exercises including:

  • Wrist extension
  • Finger and wrist flexion
  • Wrist medial deviation
  • Wrist radial deviation
  • Multiple loops for a variety of resistance levels
  • Main grip bar constructed of metal with grips for comfort and durability
  • Proprietary solid center piece allows handles to spin while exercises are performed
  • Easy to transport for convenient use at home, the gym and while traveling
  • Device comes fully assembled
Includes instructional brochure.
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